Has the support of Linux been stopped?

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Has the support of Linux been stopped?

Post by mcc » Sun Nov 04, 2018 7:03 am


I am reading this (https://www.kryoflux.com/?page=download):
Windows (Vista through 10, 32 and 64bits) (v3.00, 2018-05-13), includes GUI, now supports hard sectored disks!
Mac OS X (10.7 through 10.11) (v2.62, 2016-08-28), includes GUI, fixes problems with USB stack introduced by Apple with OS 10.11
Linux (v2.6, 2015-01-01), includes GUI, now writes STREAM files!
AmigaOS 4 (v2.61, 2014-07-21), for next-gen Amiga users, now writes STREAM files, no GUI.

and as a Linux-only guy I am not so happy that the Linux support seems to be stopped 2015 (the included
dtc is of Dec 31 2014, 17:40:27).
In comparsion: The Windows build is only old half a year.

Do I miss something here...beside a current Linux version of the software?


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Re: Has the support of Linux been stopped?

Post by mr.vince » Tue Nov 06, 2018 8:22 pm

Is there something not working with the Linux version?

This is in constant development, for two years the Linux version was the most up to date version. The majority of Windows users did not complain.

Also, if you really need to use the Windows build, I am sure it'll work fine in Wine.

EDIT: Oh, btw... the disks you are going to ingest a decades old. There's not that much changing. Don't compare serious development to the cycles of Android etc., where a new version is out every second day to add a more colorful button here and there. And no, Linux is not dead.

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