Howto: IMG to Kryflow write under Linux

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Howto: IMG to Kryflow write under Linux

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I've been working on this for a while now using several tools, I found these are working every single time. I've succesfully wrote a Windows 2.04 install on 360KB disks which I downloaded from Winworldpc by using Linux only (and Kryoflux and a 5,25" drive obviously). I'm using Kubuntu 18.10 at the moment and Wine, since I couldn't find the Linux executable ;)

I'm using HxCFloppyEmulator to convert from .img to RAW. The direct download is here.

HxCFloppyEmulator should have a native Linux executable, but so far I haven't found one and the wine-version works just fine.

To convert one file

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wine ~./kryoflux/hxcfe.exe -finput:cooldsk.img -foutput:cooldsk.img -conv:KRYOFLUXSTREAM
To convert a bunch of .img-files

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for files in `find . -name \*.img`; do wine ~/kryoflux/hxcfe.exe -finput:$files -foutput:$files -conv:KRYOFLUXSTREAM; done
Then, just write them using Kryoflux as you normally would do with a RAW image.

Hope this helps anyone who's looking :)

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