Chinon FR-506 - flippy?

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Re: Chinon FR-506 - flippy?

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Ugh I really was hoping to not do that. Are there drives that don’t require dremeling?
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Re: Chinon FR-506 - flippy?

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Not if you want to use them as standard drives, too.

Some can be permanently misalinged by aligning the upper head -8 tracks into the negative domain.
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Re: Chinon FR-506 - flippy?

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I did the flippy mod on the FR-506. There is a significant difference between the track 0 sensor between this drive and the Panasonic (JU-475). The FR-506's sensor is PNP photo transistor on the a high side, where the Panasonic has a PNP transistor switching the low side. This effectively means the signal is inverted.
the mod for this drive is actually simpler. Isolate pin 33. I soldered a 1k 0805 SMD resistor on the end of the pad where the connector cannot touch it. Then I soldered a wire from the resistor to TP8. Yes it is also TP8 by coincidence.
As stated by another member the drive only goes to track -5. With my own drive it was enough to dremel away the clip that holds the guidance rod. That gave it an extra few 10th of mm.

ref: I found the schematic for the FR-506 drive in a Commodore PC-30-III service manual.
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