Dumping Apple floppies ?

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Re: Dumping Apple floppies ?

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Vipersan wrote:
Fri Oct 05, 2018 2:34 pm
Rather than go to the trouble of getting an emulator installed ..I wrote the dumped raw images back to empty floppies with wildewutz and tried them one at a time in my AppleIIe ..
of the 10 I dumped not one booted ..
I have never had any luck writing Apple II floppys back to original disks with the KF either, but that is something I need to re-investigate. I believe the main problem is simply that the KF does not "splice" tracks that are not index aligned (Apple 5.25" drives have no index sensor), nor does it try to re-align the tracks. There is also the problem that if you are using a 1.2mb floppy drive to write the disks, the disk must be degaussed first (PCs have the same problem reading 360k disks written in 1.2m drives with genuine 360k drives). Some PC 360k drives seem to have some issue with GCR and the Kryoflux forces you to use a 1.2mb drive when decoding images anyway.

Unfortunately, the kryoflux was designed as a "preservation" tool, so use as an interoperability tool takes a backseat.

In the mean time, there is a software tool called Apple Disk Transfer ProDOS (ADTPro) that you can use to connect an Apple II to a newer PC via a serial port and transfer disks that way. It even bootstraps itself via serial, so no existing Apple II software is needed.

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Re: Dumping Apple floppies ?

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Sorry my reply is delayed. Ciderpress is not an Apple II emulator like AppleWin is. And AppleWin is a very good emulator btw, which I also use occasionally. From Ciderpess' website "CiderPress provides the features that Apple II enthusiasts need to manage their disk and file archives." https://a2ciderpress.com/

I have Ciderpress (currently version 4.03) installed on my Win10 computer which can read the .img files AND can covert this image format to other image formats using Tools > Disk Image Converter. It is a very nice and easy to use Apple disk image and file manager. I've been using it to open the .img files created by Kryoflux and converting them to a .do disk image format. I then use open the .do disk images in Ciderpress to copy and paste files from a DOS3.3 disk image to a ProDos8 disk image. I also use Ciderpress to create a large 32MB ProDos8 disk images (.po) with folders that contains FP Programs, Binary and Text files from my 110 DOS3.3 floppies. This .po image can then be copied to a Windows USB drive and merged onto a CFFA3000 virtual bootable disk CF Card capable of having multiple 32MB virtual hard drives. On a 128MB CF memory card you can define quite a few 32MB ProDOS drives.

Depending on how much an Apple floppy has been used, I too, occasionally see Sector read errors in the .txt file but I find as long as they are few for a given track number the data is valid.

I also create the .raw Stream files for archive purposes which you may or may not want or need. These .raw files can be used to re-create the .img files if needed again without connecting a floppy drive and kryoflux interface again.

Believe brightcaster and me, you will love Ciderpress for Windows.

I hope this helps.
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