Tandy/TRS-80/Color Computer Support ?

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Tandy/TRS-80/Color Computer Support ?

Post by skideric »

Just checking,is there Official support (Disk Image) for the TRS-80 line of Computers,especially the CoCo 2 & 3 (Color Computer).?
Any & ALL input appreciated.

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Re: Tandy/TRS-80/Color Computer Support ?

Post by IFW »

According to Wikipedia it uses a generic FM/MFM controller so it should work, but will probably need setting the correct parameters.

Maybe someone already used it on this forum for those disks?

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Re: Tandy/TRS-80/Color Computer Support ?

Post by JasonAller »

I was able to read Tandy Color Computer disks (CoCo) by creating the following image profile.

Profile Name: MFM sector image CoCo
Image Type: MFM sector image
Extension: dsk (for use with the VCC emulator)
Sector Size: 256 Bytes
Track Distance: 40 Tracks

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Re: Tandy/TRS-80/Color Computer Support ?

Post by brightcaster »

I once dumped a few 5,25"-floppies for a friend. I can't remember which parameters I used, but I had no problem to get some personal files of the image with http://www.trs-80emulators.com/trstools/...


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