Victor / Sirius Capable ?

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Victor / Sirius Capable ?

Post by Adonis001 »


I would like to buy your KryoFlux for only one thing... it's to make working again my Victor 9000 with boot floppies.

I waiting this for many years in my personal museum !

I saw this topic on your Forum : viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1218&p=11351&hilit=victor

So it seem have some 7z files uploaded with those floppies.

I have an IBM MFM 360Ko drive with cable IDE/MFM for plug to your card.

Could you please guarantee me the process is working ? is someone could make booting again a Victor 9000/Sirius1 with your solution ?

Thank's in advance


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Re: Victor / Sirius Capable ?

Post by SomeGuy »

The Kryoflux still does not support writing non-aligned images like those posted. A vaporware update has been promised for ages, so I would not expect that to change any time soon.

I am also not aware that anyone has yet produced any tools to "fix up" the images, or build fresh images from the binary dump, so that the Kryoflux can write them.

At the moment, your best bet is probably to head over to and see if any other Victor 9000 users over there can create and mail you a boot disk.

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Re: Victor / Sirius Capable ?

Post by mr.vince »

I'd ask you to to oblige to the netiquette - so far all features advertised are either in the product or can be achived (with e.g. aligning track data in an image - e.g. simply converting stream data to a sector dump and back to stream) otherwise. I don't feel the wording vaporware is appropriate. This won't be discussed.

You are not part of the development or beta team, so I would recommend you get in touch so you can give feedback based on facts. Thank you.

Tech info: Other than using the index to align track data, the only other option is to detect the write splice. With millions of different variations possible for the formats already supported by KryoFlux (keep in mind that these encodings can be very different), it needs advanced AI-like technology (similar to that found in music detection software which can determine a song by listening to it), which takes a lot of engineering time.

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Re: Victor / Sirius Capable ?

Post by brightcaster »

The meaning of the term "vaporware" has changed dramatically during the decades. The original meaning wasn't that bad at all! Wikipedia brings it to the point:

"Vaporware was coined by a Microsoft engineer in 1982 to describe the company's Xenix operating system, and first appeared in print in a newsletter by entrepreneur Esther Dyson in 1983. It became popular among writers in the industry as a way to describe products they felt took too long to be released."

So I can see no criticism or devaluation or any personal attack, but only a description of one's own feeling in SomeGuy's comment....


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Re: Victor / Sirius Capable ?

Post by drdanj »

Just for the record here, (sorry, only spotted this now) - unfortunately no, the kryoflux can't write Victor floppies - even in stream copy mode they're not reliable. I've caught up with the OP on a different forum and am making some boot disks using a victor (alas only way at present).

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