"No disk in drive"

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Re: "No disk in drive"

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BarryB wrote: I use a straight cable with my Amstrad FD-1 3" drive and have no issues with the motor not spinning? Have you disconnected the 5v connector from the 34pin / 26pin board inside the 3" drive?
Yes, I removed the 5V connector :D - no desire to fry anything! Using my straight through cable I could calibrate, but the motor wouldn't run. Swapped it for one with a twist and away it went. I didn't investigate much further simply as I didn't have time. It's feasible it's a duff cable but I've been using it happily with other things :?


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Re: "No disk in drive"

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I didn't know about the 5v cable until I read into dumping +3 disks with an FD-1, luckily I read that before I got the drive! Strange your cable doesn't work, my cable was a straight through one supplied with my Kryoflux as I bought the version with PSU and cables.

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