Writing Spectrum +3 images

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Writing Spectrum +3 images

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Probably not a Q for the SPS Team!

I've 'found' an IPF of Scrabble De-Luxe on the Spectrum +3 to repair an original I bought where someone thought it clever to write a Multiface 3 dump to both sides! However, with the write blocker jumpered on the Kryoflux and the +3 disk write enabled (hole covered) dtc says the disk is write protected when I try to write the IPF back with dtc -fxxxx.ipf -w

I know the drive reads as I've dumped a few disks, does this sound like the drive has a problem with the write protect sensor as I don't have my +3 setup to test if it formats disks or wrong dtc parameter for writing?

Sorted! I'd forgot about the write pin in +3 drvives, so taking out the drive and checking I found it was missing!! So I snipped a paperclip about 10mm long, crimped one end so it didn't fall through the hole when re-assembling and can now write to the disk :lol: Simples!!

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