ITT 2020 5.25" Disks

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Re: ITT 2020 5.25" Disks

Post by mr.vince »

-dd0 or -dd1 makes a difference on HD drives for sure...

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Re: ITT 2020 5.25" Disks

Post by davidlandy »

Thanks SomeGuy, it would make sense if it was the drive head alignment on the original computer which was causing the problem.

My 360k floppy drive arrived today but sadly it doesn't work, at least not with Kryoflux. When I tried to calibrate it, the heads moved fully in, then out again, which was an encouraging sign - but then the Kryoflux GUI beeped and said it couldn't communicate with the drive. It's a Mitsubishi MF501C-312M.

I have splashed out on an old Apple II Europlus which should arriving in a day or two, I'll try the disks in there to see if they are really knackered to see whether it's worth spending some more money and get a better drive, or if I should stop throwing good money after bad :)

And thanks Spags, but isn't setting -dd1 in the options the same as the high density selection in the Kryoflux GUI - or is there a difference?

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Re: ITT 2020 5.25" Disks

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-dd1, ah yes it is probably the same as that GUI option.

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