Dumping DD disks

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Dumping DD disks

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I'm dumping some DD disks with an HD drive. Just wanted to know which method is better:
- Dump them in HD mode (i.e. 80 tracks) where every second track comes up as <unformatted>
- Dump them in DD (with "-k2")

I guess #1 is preferred for preservation (there's probably some residual data in the "halftracks") but if I want to create an IMG file I have to dump with method #2 otherwise my images won't be usable. So at the moment I have to dump every disk twice (or is the -k option local to the next (last?) disk image format specified on the command line?)

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Re: Dumping DD disks

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You can do both at the same time. Track distance is an image local command. Since -i0 is dependant on the following image type. Now let's do some trickery and set the next image to 80 tracks, but don't write this to disk (simply omit the -f command). The add the image type again, but this time with double stepping:

DTC.exe -fpreservation -i0 -i4 -fmydisk.img -k2 -i4

BTW DD uses 80 tracks (e.g. Amiga), you are just referring to a 40 track disk. The 1541 even uses 80 track drives, but simply double steps.

Let me know if this works for you.
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