Further development of writing functionality

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Which method would you prefer for disk duplication in DTC / KryoFlux?

completely independent duplication based on "best guess", creating more or less analogue copies
image format dependent, like G64 dumping / writing works today
user defined scripting
don't care, I am interested in dumping / image creation only
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Re: Further development of writing functionality

Post by IFW »

Yes, that's why I favour user scripts as well; users can use, share scripts, create new ones or if all else fails ask me ;)
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Re: Further development of writing functionality

Post by DrCoolZic »

Malvineous wrote:I hate to raise this topic again knowing your opinions of the matter, but to be fair, if some more of the code was open source you may not have to employ developers, you might be able to get community developers to collaborate on adding this type of functionality. I know you are very proud of the capabilities of your software, but perhaps there is room for a very basic open source utility that can handle just the basics of reading and writing (maybe "analogue" only.)
This is a good idea just start an open source development as this is often the best way to get the ball rolling :)
We have all the needed information ...

By the way if there is interest I can put the sources for reading KryoFlux Stream files in an open project.
I already have the sources as a C++ library and I have just completed the port to C# so you have the choice of managed or unmanaged code ;)
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Re: Further development of writing functionality

Post by malers »

I vote for further "image format dependent" approaches. I really miss the analysing/writing support for Atari 8bit images like it was done for c64.
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