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KryoFlux 2.0 b11 Release 2 (Windows):

Posted: Thu May 24, 2012 9:37 am
by mr.vince
- The GUI will now enable keep zoom when flipping through multiple revolutions recorded for at track. Just use the function keys F1 - F12 to switch between them.
GUI zoomed in on flakey (weak) bit area
GUI zoomed in on flakey (weak) bit area
gui_flakey.gif (153.3 KiB) Viewed 24045 times

- This version contains experimental but already very usable G64 support, although you should still (always anyway) keep your STREAM files to re-convert as needed. You will need to use our fixed VICE (2.3.17 SPS), otherwise more sophisticated protections will fail due to density checks getting wrong results with the official version of VICE available at the moment.

Get it all here:

KryoFlux 2.0 b12 Release 1 (Windows):

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2012 8:53 am
by mr.vince

- support for all possible types of track ordering in a sector dump (e.g. ADF, IMG): ascending, descending, and order of sides.
- image truncation for systems with a limited number of tracks (e.g. only 77 instead of 80 for some Japanese systems)
- even more enhanced G64 generation, now also supports conversion of SpiraTrack protection (Big Five Software's Bounty Bob Strikes Back). The game actually steps from track to track and expects data to coming in at the correct position. This is only possible if the disk has been written with the tracks aligned in a special way, e.g. having data on the first half of track 1, and then data on the second half on track 2.
Bounty Bob Strikes Back running in VICE
Bounty Bob Strikes Back running in VICE
BBSB.JPG (36.4 KiB) Viewed 23965 times
Bounty Bob Strikes Back, last half of track unformatted
Bounty Bob Strikes Back, last half of track unformatted
bb00.PNG (52.76 KiB) Viewed 23965 times
Bounty Bob Strikes Back, first half of track unformatted
Bounty Bob Strikes Back, first half of track unformatted
bb01.PNG (55.88 KiB) Viewed 23965 times

The last feature requires at least VICE 2.3.19 to function properly, if you want to give it a try you can download Bounty Bob Strikes Back from our website.


- animation of consecutive revolutions in scatter view
- updating of presets offered by DTC to add new formats to the GUI once it's been installed
- max track for drive can be set without performing a calibration
- location of presets moved to user home folder.

See all this in detail: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=262&p=4092#p4090

All downloads are available in the usual location:

KryoFlux 2.0 b13 Release 1 (Windows):

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2012 7:41 pm
by mr.vince
- KryoFlux now supports export to G64 of many protections that deal with weak (flakey) bit patterns. There are too many to list, but e.g. the "Cyan loader" (used by US Gold, Gremlin, Firebird, Martech, Titus, Probe, Palace, English Software, Software Project, Sega and others) makes use of this. DTC now also supports PirateSlayer and PirateBusters, which are troublesome, even on real hardware. In other words: If there's some C64 game that wasn't dumping well before, give it a try. Since G64 generation is based on stream files, you just have to pick the dump folder you used as a virtual drive in the GUI and that's it. Give it a try!

- The GUI has been updated to make use of additional information during dumping, too. Should DTC encounter a known protection scheme (which it is able to check for integrity on the spot), you will get a blue "P" symbol. Just hover over it with your mouse to see what it means in detail.

armalyte.png (93.11 KiB) Viewed 23554 times

We also found that VICE needed to be updated, again, so we did. If you try to run Galaxian you will find that it does not work with older versions of VICE because of timing issues in emulation. István Fábián optimised VIA emulation and also added a stepping mechanism that works much more like real hardware (read: like stepper motors using coils). This will automatically make many games work that have a little unusual stepper programming (games with Vorpal 2 protection, other Epyx games, and e.g. "Battleship", "Rad Warrior" and "Legend of Blacksilver"). It's not perfectly accurate yet, but it's a huge leap forward. Everything we tested now works as it should. There's still some room for improvement. Maybe someone else of the VICE dev team will accept this as a sporty challenge... :)

If you use KryoFlux to align drives, we've now removed a little annoyance. One feature requested by users was the "correctional stepping", KryoFlux stepping in and out in the case of a read error to reposition the head. While this is great for reading, it's not so handy when you are aligning with the "-c1" option (lock head to track). We therefore removed it when in this mode, so you can now push and move the head without any interference from the stepper motor. Be sure to re-step the drive after alignment to make sure to test where it really settles.

You can get our build of VICE, 2.3.20 SPS and the source for the latest change (just apply to SVN version 2.3.20), as well as latest KryoFlux Disk Tool Console (DTC) from our downloads section:

Re: KryoFlux software (DTC, GUI) release history

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2012 11:24 am
by IFW
The newly, "officially" supported protection list is:
Cyan loader (weak bits)
Datasoft custom (weak bits)
Datasoft cbm (weak bits)
Melbourne House/Martech (weak bits)
Data Duplication
PirateBusters v1.0
PirateBusters v2.0
PirateSlayer the dozens of custom formats, protections and their variants that were already supported by previous DTC versions.

As usual, everything is automatically detected by DTC, no user selection is required.

Creating g64 images of games using the above listed protections may or may not have worked with previous DTC releases - they always work now. 8-)

Re: KryoFlux software (DTC, GUI) release history

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2012 11:34 am
by IFW
I'd also like to thank Tommi for his invaluable help in performing direct hardware tests with a logic analyzer, so the correct VIA timer behaviour in the CBM 1541 drive could be finally emulated, and is now cycle identical to the real thing. Without these tests, games using the running VIA timers to decrypt code in the 1541 drive memory would have never been emulated.

KryoFlux 2.0 b14 Release 1 (Windows)

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 12:59 am
by mr.vince
DTC 2.0 b14 for Windows is out. It contains a very much requested feature... G64 writing. It is still experimental (whereas G64 support itself has very much matured) and will not work with some types of protections. Apart from that it is very robust and should give you some results. However, I have to point out that writing C64 disks is very much a pain. You will need a 5.25" drive that is capable of writing DD disks (these need a different head current) and you will need to be able to put your drive into this mode. DTC itself will also set the appropriate signal if this is supported by the drive. The manual contains some hints for testing. But be prepared to precisely align your 1541 and your host drive, especially if you intend to use G64 that make use of half tracks for so called fat track protections. It is troublesome to write disks for a 40 track drive when you are using an 80 track mechanism with a narrower head. Important: Degauss your disks if these have been used with a 40 track drive, just in case. Please read the manual (Page 27ff). Be prepared to be asked if you passed the ADF test on a 5.25" disk you wrote. If you read the manual, you will know the answer! :)

DTC saves enhanced G64 files that are quired to write G64 files that are not modified or hacked in any way to help emulation and/or writing. Since DTC generates unmodified G64 files, it needs mastering information that enables to write these files properly. If you intend to write your G64 files, please convert them again from your stream files, using the image format -i22a instead of -i22. RapidLok key track, PirateSlayer/Busters, Melbourne House etc) are not supported now, but will come in an update. These should be easy to add, -i22a saves the correct parameters during g64 analysis, DTC just ignores them right now. Vorpal and V-MAX! are already fine, so if you like, grab the updated Defender Of The Crown Images from our server and enjoy raiding - this is where a bad copy would break. You can only write a single side in one pass at the moment, so you will need disks with two index holes (or a modified drive) if you intend to flip them.

Get all files here:

Re: KryoFlux software (DTC, GUI) release history

Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2013 9:28 pm
by mr.vince
And here's a shoddy baldy lit video of this in action:

KryoFlux 2.20 Release 1 (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)

Posted: Tue Mar 26, 2013 12:44 pm
by mr.vince
KryoFlux v2.20 (formerly 2.0b15) rel.1 release package

Major release for all platforms.

Changes since 2.0b14:


- full G64 support implemented, future versions will support more or different protection types, but basically everything that's in
it now should work as intented.

- verify for all write operations except IPF file type (needs more code to be written to handle all special cases); there are only few cases where verify will be automatically turned off, e.g. when writing weak bits for copy protection.

- it is possible to change the track distance of any image type, even when changing it is not allowed as long as the changed value is identical to the default value. This saves a little on typing; there is no need to delete this parameter from the command if only the image type changes.

dtc -m1 -ftest -i0 -y -ftest.d64 -k2 -i6 -l8
dtc -m1 -ftest -i0 -y -ftest.g64 -k2 -i22a -l8

can be used as commands to generate first a d64 file, then a g64 file with the exact same parameters. Using -k1 in the first command would still be an error, as that is an invalid track distance for a d64 image.

- Windows driver now digitally signed thanks to our friends at Cloanto.


- version bumped to 2.20 to match version of firmware used.

- behaviour of stream files has been changed. There are two types of stream files can be selected:

-i0 stream files, preservation
-i0a stream files, format guided

The format guided stream files behave exactly the same way as stream files used to be: they always require at least one additional image type defined as a "guide format" telling what and how to sample from the disk. The stream files in this case just record what was being selected by the other, guide formats.

Stream files in preservation mode behave as any other "real" image type selected; additional -i2 or other image types just to enforce preservation settings is no longer required. Adding -i2 should still work to keep compatibility with tools, scripts etc, just it's no longer useful. e.g. sampling a disk blindly with preservation settings, using dtc -f<streamname> -i0 is now possible. It is of course still useful to define real guide formats as usual, so errors could be detected etc. It is also possible to restrict the stream files recorded to specific sides, using the -g parameter and specific tracks using the -k paramater, setting those before the -i0 as usual.

-g0 -k2 -i0
every second track from side 0 only.

Note, that additional image types may add more tracks to the selected ones, as stream files always record any of the tracks that had to be sampled for any of the image types specified. The default selection of -i0 is to sample all tracks possible from both sides of the disk. It is highly recommended not to change that, unless e.g. the drive is incapable of reading side 1.

The selection of stream files in preservation mode always ensures the usage of preservation parameters, but as per above, the tracks recorded may get overriden. Notice, the user selection is the absolute minimum set of tracks that DTC would record; further formats can grow this set. The band analyser output is also slightly different if there is no guide format defined; a base is not available, as there is no other format defined to match the possible base bands against. However the recorded bands found by the analyser are still displayed as usual.

When stream files in presevation mode are used as an input device (not the KF hardware) the behaviour of the stream files slightly changes. If there is any guide format specified, the stream type does not set preservation settings; this way only tracks accessed by guide formats will have any output and usage as it would be expected by the user. If there is no guide format specified, all sides and tracks will be used according to the user defined or default settings of the preservation mode. This is useful to see the bands recorded from image files, without the need to define any guide format.


G64 writing requires G64 files with mastering information, which can be produced by DTC with image format 22a (<-i22a>). These G64 files should
work with all emulators. This functionality will later be replaced by IPF files with full mastering information as required. If a G64 is missing mastering information, you will receive a warning.

THIS FEATURE IS HIGHLY DEPENDANT ON THE 5.25" FLOPPY DRIVE USED. Many "modern" 5.25" drives don't write DD data correctly. Some can be switched into DD mode by setting jumpers or by setting pin 2 of the Shugart interface to the correct state. This state is controlled by parameter dd and setting it (e.g. <-dd1> or <-dd0>) will set the high density control line appropriately.

Both drives, your mastering drive, as well as the 1541 (or 1541II or 1571) on your C64 must be perfectly aligned. Otherwise advanced protections, like anything that has to do with half or fat tracks, will not work at all.

For more information, please do read page 29ff. of the manual.

Get all files here:

KryoFlux 2.20 Release 2 (Mac OS X)

Posted: Tue May 14, 2013 8:30 am
by mr.vince
Rel.2 should fix a permission issue with the kernel extension.

Before we make it available on the main page, can some Mac users please give this a try. I packed this on a Windows machine, so hopefuly it did not do any harm to the permissions again. ;) This release should also work on PPC machines now. ...

KryoFlux 2.20 Release 1 (AmigaOS 4)

Posted: Sun Mar 02, 2014 10:38 am
by mr.vince
A little late, but better now than never:

We said this was never going to happen, as it binds so much resources and the user base is somewhat limited. But, of course, Next-Gen Amiga is a great platform. So fellow developer Marcus Comstedt persuaded us to let him port the KryoFlux host software DTC to this unique platform. What can be cooler than doing an ADF of your Amiga creations right on an Amiga?! So Marcus came aboard and a few weeks later... here it is: