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KryoFlux v3.00 Windows Release

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It's been on our list for a long time, so here it is: support for hard sectored disks. If your floppy drive supports it (there are drives which can't cope with hard sectored disks and will not return any signal when a hard-sectored disk is inserted) you can now ingest disks with more than one index hole. Here's an excerpt from the changelog:

- DTC 3.00 requires features only available in firmware 3.00 or later; DTC will stop with an error if the firmware file downloaded to the KryoFlux board is an older, incompatible release.

- Full automatic hard-sectored disk support - it is even possible to mix & match hard-sectored and normal tracks in a single disk image if needed.

- Any disk operation is guaranteed to use the user-defined or preset number of disk revolutions, regardless of whether the disk is soft or hard-sectored. This is fully automatic, the user does not have to know or specify the disk type currently being used.

- Hard-sectored disks are automatically detected and hard sector information is shown for any read operation. Write operations are not allowed to hard-sectored disks, since they'd only damage the existing data.

Soft-sectored formats written on hard-sectored disks (as it was once popular for systems not having index sensors at all in the drives) can be imaged and decoded, just like as if they were written to a normal disk, e.g. it is possible now to image and decode C64 or Apple 2 content written to a hard-sectored disk with any number of hard-sectors.
Additionally, real hard-sectored disk content can be imaged now. We'll add support for decoding genuine hard-sectored disk formats in later software updates.

DTC 3.00 is part of the the KryoFlux Host Software package and available for free for all registered private & non-commercial users. Pro users may upgrade if their licence is still active.

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