How green we are - our understanding of protecting the environment

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How green we are - our understanding of protecting the environment

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You might want to know about our footprint and how green we are. Here are some insights:

1. Production: Our boards are manufactured by a large German electronics production company. While we can't avoid that part of the production takes place in Asia, we're working with a well respected German company to be able to enforce that ethical and environmental standards are met. You need a certain business size to be able to make an impact so it felt logical to us that by working with a large company that runs dozens of production lines this is the most influence we can get.

2. Product packaging: Our product packaging (the KryoFlux box) is a combination of materials. The main material is cardboard, with the product itself sitting in an antistatic bag. This is made from plastic, coated with a very thin film of metal, allowing the bag to be conductive with a very high resistance. As much as we'd like to avoid this bag, it keeps the KryoFlux safe from static current. Other items, e.g. cables and PSUs of the Premium Edition might come in a plastic bag. Please note that we do not encourage our suppliers to individually seal these, but if they come in such bags, that's simply it. Whenever we can, we try to source parts that are not packaged individually. E.g. our floppy cables, which we produce ourselves, do not come in bags. Still, they are brand new.

3. Shipping boxes: Our brown shipping boxes are made from recycled paper and cardboard. It's the greenest type of packaging we can think of, but they are too large if we're just shipping a board. So we also have...

4. Shipping bags: Our shipping bags are made from paper and are padded with a layer of bubble foil (filled with air) made of plastic. We're thinking about and if these can be replaced but at the time of writing, this type of packaging gives a decent amount of protection while it's also very lightweight and small. We're currently in the process of switching from white bags to brown bags made from recycled paper.

5. Padding material: For padding, e.g. when shipping larger orders containing additional items like floppy drives in larger boxes, we use chips made from corn starch. These can disposed off with other organic waste, but can also be used to entertain your youngsters - just dip them on a moist cloth and glue them together to start building. Additional packing materials included packing paper (made from recycled paper) and small plastic bags filled with air. Both paper and the bags come from our own recycling. We only use and include them if we ourselves got a shipment containing these and we think this is the best we can do - instead of just generating more waste.

6. Shipping: Whenever possible and offered by the carriers we make use of carbon neutral shipping. While this is not available for many small size shipments (e.g. Personal Editions), all larger boxes despatched with e.g. DHL or UPS are shipped carbon neutral.

7. Recycling: We're a registered electronics producer and therefore pay for our recycling duties (electronics recycling + shipping materials recycling). On top of being legally registered with the corresponding agencies, we also recycle directly. If there's anything you have ordered from us that you don't want anymore, you can send it back and we'll recycle it for you.

8. Power: Our offices use green electricity (no coal, no atomic power) and we only power devices that need to be on. E.g. our printers and computers are only on if they need to be. We don't even use a fax machine, but our router emulates a fax if you really need to use last centuries technology to get in touch with us. Our heating works with gas - this is a green as it gets atm, but we're also thinking about additional technologies (e.g. solar power) to generate heat. We're a little limited here as we're located in the UK and Germany and don't have the same amount of sunlight than e.g. California.

We're striving to enhance these standards even further as we're all living on the same planet. Even though we're small, every little bit matters. Thanks for reading and please let us know what you think. Comments welcome.
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