How backed up is SPS?

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How backed up is SPS?

Post by Pheonix »

Not trying to cast a wet blanket on anything, but am sort of curios how backed up SPS has become since Kryoflux went live? With the broad range of systems that can have dumps collected for, and I'm sure the massive ton of submissions they've been receiving, I can't help but wonder how busy they've become. They are doing what I feel is a very important job, and they are doing it on a voluntary basis (unless I'm greatly mistaken.) I will admit that I'm impatiently watching my e-mail for responses (it's my nature, I'm not patient.) But there is no anger or frustration involved, just impatience :) I understand they will get to me when they can, and I don't expect anything any time soon.

So, just out of curiosity, and to help pass the time while I wait, I thought I'd just ask, how many people are sending in (or waiting to send in,) dumps to be processed? I know I would like to get my submissions in for 2 main reasons. The first being in the hopes of obtaining fixes for the now bad disks :( (7 Amiga, 24 Commodore 64/128, 2 PC, 1 Apple II, and 1 Atari 8-bit titles.) That's out of a total of 246 titles, so that's not all that bad really. Second, in the hopes of getting access to pristine versions. Really, am I the only one that liked to keep original disks clean? I don't know how many titles I've gotten from eBay where a previous owner actually clipped disks that were originally un-notched (permanently write protected.) It's rather frustrating.

Of course, the numbers I gave above are only the titles (not all games,) that I have access to right now. 10, or so, large boxes of software had to be put into storage when I suddenly had to move last year. With my Kryoflux now up and running, I'm itching to get to them. But they are in San Antonio, and I'm in Austin right now :(
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Re: How backed up is SPS?

Post by mr.vince »

It's dozens a month, sometimes even more. It can be very frustrating actually, which is why the new upcoming SPStudio will be have the option for user created scripts (leading to IPF generation). We could need ten to twenty experts more just to handle the volume that is coming in. And yes, so far it's completely voluntarily and, besides very few donations over the years, KryoFlux pays the bills...

There's also a pending update to the games database on which will be huge and show we have not been lazy... ;)
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Re: How backed up is SPS?

Post by IFW »

Yes, I can feel the frustration about ebay, especially when something we've been looking for a long time (usually because the game writes to its own disk) appears on ebay and the seller write enables the disk (3.5 ones) or just notches them (5.25) to show a picture of the game running... which usually ruins that disk as well.
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