Thank you!

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Thank you!

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I just wanted to say "Thank you!" for inventing the KryoFlux! After solving some issues a few weeks ago (thanks to ZrX again), I successfully dumped about 200 disks so far.

The oldest one was from february 1988 - as stated in the source code of what is probably my oldest "app" that survived on disk. (All of my C64 disks unfortunately were thrown away 30 years ago, when I was too young to imagine that it might be nice to have a look at the content today. There are still some handwritten basic lines of code in old notebooks from '86 that somehow survived and some sprite paintings...)

I discovered things that I completely forgot they ever even existed - you can imagine how I felt when all of a sudden I saw old paintings, code, school work, letters... I suddenly was a teenager again, sitting at my old desk! It surprised me how much I actually worked & created with my Amiga. In my memories I mainly played games or watched Demos :D

There are still about 300 disks to go, and so far I couldn't work out how to dump Amiga 1200 HD disks, but I don't worry about that, looking at the treasure I already secured thanks to your product! So, thank you again - your board is worth every penny!

(BTW: Nearly all disks that were safely stored the last 25 years in boxes and a rather cool environment could be read without any problems. About 30% of disks of the same age that were moved often and not stored in boxes had severe problems or couldn't be read at all, including physical damages of the disk itself.)
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Re: Thank you!

Post by ZrX »

Enjoy your shiny new disk dump. :)

Dumping Amiga HD disks should work using the same parameters that were used for dumping Amiga DD disk.
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