Re-attach a detached Hub Ring?

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Re: Re-attach a detached Hub Ring?

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Unless you have some crazy mineral problems in your area, tap water should be fine. Distilled water might technically be better, but who keeps truckloads around and has time to heat it all up?

Some soaps will leave a waxy residue on the disk, and you don't want that. I'd skip the soap unless there were still crazy visible levels of gunk in the disk jacket after washing.

And yes, I have been quite disappointed with the alcohol methods. Even on a good disk, if you press down too hard with a q-tip it will leave a discolored dark area. It will still be readable but now it will look ugly. And if you see a few spots of gunk on the disk surface, there is probably more hiding inside the jacket waiting to rip things up. Dumping alcohol on a spinning disk, like some people used to suggest, can rip things up. As a result I only use alcohol and a q-tip after washing to *gently* touch up any remaining crud or attack specific areas that the drive doesn't want to read.
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Re: Re-attach a detached Hub Ring?

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This is probably the worst disk I've dumped.

You can clearly see where the q-tip has scraped away the surface.

In the end the game didn't work as there were few used sectors on those removed areas.
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Re: Re-attach a detached Hub Ring?

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That looks similar to the disk I have. Might have another go using just warm water and see what that does, nothing to lose only the data :)
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