Dumping EMU SP1200 Floppies for use with HxC

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Dumping EMU SP1200 Floppies for use with HxC

Post by knarz »

Hi guys,

I'm struggling a bit with the backup of my Emu SP 1200 Floppies :?
Has anybody here done this and could tell me what output (MFM ?) for the image file to use ?
I tried several things through the Kui, but get only errors in the SP after loading the img into the HxC
and then save it as hfe file.

I also tried backing up the Floppies with the HxC software, but it seems to dump very sllllooooowww, at least compared to other dumps (i.e. Prophet 2002 & Studio 440)

Any help would be appreciated and I can send the hfe or img files afterwards :-)


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Re: Dumping EMU SP1200 Floppies for use with HxC

Post by IFW »

No, unsuprisingly you need to choose one of the Emulator formats :)
-i10 or -i11
If it uses the later format (-i11) every second track and a few more will be missing; if that happens you will see track number (*T) warnings, just use -i11 instead.

Using the GUI there are default settings that for both formats, they are called "Emu sector image" and "Emu II sector image"
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Re: Dumping EMU SP1200 Floppies for use with HxC

Post by 12Bitski »

Dumping SP 1200 Floppies with the HxC software itself doesn´t work.

Dumping SP1200 Floppies with the KryoFlux works pretty well and really fast and comfortable and can be done on a PC and on MAC as well.The generated images must be converted into .hfe-images later with the HxC Software.

That´s the way I went with it:
(I´m just familiar with the GUI and work on a Mac)

Open up your Kryoflux GUI. goto file-settings and select the "EMU II sector image" , chose your target folder. Now comes the important part.

you´ll need to exchange the extension "img" in the extension field in the menue-settings through "emuiifd" (thanks to jeff for the instruction) . Otherwise batchconverter of HxC won´t work here.

Press ok and then enter the name of your image in the controlwindow. Also choose "emu II sector image" here.

Put in your SP 1200 floppy and start converting.

When finished, open the HxC software and select "batchconvert", enter source and target folder and start converting.

Copy the converted .hfe-files onto your SD card and try to load up one of the files into your SP 1200 :)

With me, it worked great. hope this helps :)
peace, 12bitski
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Re: Dumping EMU SP1200 Floppies for use with HxC

Post by Briczo »

Thank you 12bitski!! With your explanation it worked with the first try i made!!
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Re: Dumping EMU SP1200 Floppies for use with HxC

Post by zomarec »

hey i made the same thing but Hxc tool didn't recognize it as emuiifd, I can load only in raw mode (and i cannot find any emu ii fd there, just emax 1 and emax 2)

any help? what am I missing?


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