Dumping and Emulation Issue

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Re: Dumping and Emulation Issue

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Got 86Box to work. I had to convert the psi to td0. Once I did that, I created my PCJr machine properly and started it up. It seems to work perfectly. For those that haven't checked it out, it's pretty cool. I was used to the C64 version.
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Re: Dumping and Emulation Issue

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ZrX wrote: Mon Feb 15, 2021 7:37 pm That's just because the sector header has been altered to tell you the sector is 1024 bytes while the actual sector itself is still just 512 bytes. HxC tries to interpret it according to the header information and makes it look like the next sector is inside it, which also causes the checksum to come out as bad.

Too much automation in a software isn't always a good thing.
But this is just how a normal floppy controller read this. This sector is bad from a CRC point of view. The protection routine expect to find the next sector header in the "bad" sector data. The graphical representation is right.
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Re: Dumping and Emulation Issue

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Matter of perspective. How the disk is built vs how the controller sees the disk.
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