Dump scripts

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Dump scripts

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This thread includes dump scripts that you may find useful. They are not needed in order to submit dumps to SPS. The script creates automatically the info file and uses recommended naming convention etc.

C64 dump script v1.61
Put a script to the same folder with dtc and download 7zip command line version. Put 7za to the same folder with dtc.exe. You may need to add folder paths to the Windows path variable.


Change paths + other needed defaults from the batch script :WARMUP. Below most important lines

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set DTC_DTCHome=c:\kf
set DTC_Destination=c:\SPS\NewDumps
set DTC_D64Destination=C:\SPS\NewDumps\D64Images
set DTC_G64Destination=C:\SPS\NewDumps\G64Images
set DTC_dd=0
DTC_DTCHome = home folder of dtc.exe
DTC_Destination = path for the raw stream dump folders
DTC_D64Destination = path for the D64 image(s)
DTC_D64Destination = path for the G64 image(s)
DTC_dd = Density switch (DD / HD)

Density switch
It's worth checking what is the correct density switch (-DDx) even for Panasonic drives, as yours may have the factory default set to DD, in which case you want to keep it that way, other drives have the default as HD. Unfortunately this changes from drive to drive, and between different models and revisions. The easiest way to test is to dump a disk where only one side contains data and zip compress all of the tracks.

First do this with -DD0 setting, then with -DD1.
The setting (-DD0 or -DD1) that enables the drive to read disks in DD mode is where the zip file is significantly smaller. This is due to the reduced noise level from unformatted tracks in DD mode.
Please note, that some drives only work correctly for DD disks with only one setting (e.g. Newtronics), while others (most Panasonic) work fine in either mode, but results are a lot better with DD mode properly selected.
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