SPS: a small info package for submitting dumps

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SPS: a small info package for submitting dumps

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Dump submitting: A game dump should include:
  • Only Kryoflux RAW dumps, no old CT RAW dumps.
  • ZIP archives (please not RAR, 7-Zip or alike)
  • One archive per game
  • Info text file
  • Include photos with all of the game materials together (for example in Photos folder in the zip)
  • Or include low/mid-res scans or photos of box, disk, manual pages etc. included, please at least those which are helpful for identifying the exact release, i.e. publisher, copyright year, etc.
  • Hi-res scans to /SCANS/ folder.
Other useful information
  • 5.25" disks --> use only flippy-modified disk drive when the disk has only one index hole.
  • Flippy-disks (FAQ): viewtopic.php?t=3#p1991
  • Flippy-Modified drives available from Kryoflux store / request help from forums.
  • If you cannot meet the requirements just remember that the RAW data is more important than metadata. Don't worry too much about metadata details. Information offered here just helps us to deal with dumps later and recognize releases.
Info file example:

Code: Select all

Title: Rambo
Publisher and/or Developer: Ocean
Year: 1985
Number of Disks: 1 
Number of Index Holes: 1 
Retail, Budget or Compilation (with name): Retail 
Country of Release: EU 
Language(s): English
Platform: C64
Media Type: 5.25 DSDD
Recommended Model: C64
Place of Purchase: eBay seller_name 
Game Working: none 
Any Extra Information: Box sealed 
Disk 1 Side A Label: "Side 1"
Disk 1 Side B Label: "Side 2"
Empty info file:
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