So, Tandon drives have 44 tracks per side

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So, Tandon drives have 44 tracks per side

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In a batch of disks I was archiving, I came across some DSDD MS-DOS data disks where the boot sector indicated the disks should have 44 tracks (0-43) per side. Of course most 48TPI drives don't go above 42 (0-41) or ~83 on 96TPI drives. Even the kryoflux stops at track 83. Reading those disks in a 96 TPI drive would require a whopping 87 (0-86) tracks!

Given the context of these disks, they would have probably been created on a genuine IBM PC or PC XT, which means a Tandon TM 100-2A.

Since I happened to have a PC clone with a pair of Tandon TM 100-2A drives in it, I tried them in there and read the disk with ImageDisk. It looks like it read it OK.

Funny thing is some of my old notes from back in the day say I tested a Tandon (TM 100-2A, DSDD 48TPI I believe) and it maxed out at 42 tracks. Of course, different revisions may differ.

Any rate, just commenting on this in case anyone else runs in to this. I recall there were some threads that discussed "maximum track preservation" of some different drives, but I don't recall any going that high.

Of course, going that far to the disk center was just begging for data errors.
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