Problems with various Softwahre

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Re: Problems with various Softwahre

Post by Stefan_h » Sun Mar 04, 2018 6:52 pm

Yes i come from Germany

I thought it would be easier to copy programs KryoFlux with copy protection. Unfortunately I am not matter with the copy protection, that is why I fully on KryoFlux what for the most part also does quite well. At least I ca 97% of my programs are archived.

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Re: Problems with various Softwahre

Post by IFW » Mon Mar 05, 2018 12:42 pm

Pretty much anything imaged with KF should work under emulation (at least in Vice), with a few known exceptions - one of those is Vampire's Empire which seems to have an emulation issue, or at least it had last time I tried; admittedly a few years ago ;)

KF does not re-align tracks at all when writing an analog copy, but any track that is not index synced won't work as only index synced copies are supported in that mode right now.
This is specific to writing back an image to a real-disk from stream files; images generated with KryoFlux or written by KryoFlux to a real disk from non-stream formats are not affected, and do not have to be index-synced.

As far as I remember Impossible Mission II was one of the few commercial games that clearly used Heureka-Sprint as part of the copy-protection.

The only way you could delay writing with a professional duplicator was to start index synced and write raw 0s in an amount enough to reach the desired write splice point at the selected bitcell timing.
KF can actually delay enabling the write gate and hence writing of a track to any time counted from the index signal, at a nanosecond range resolution. 8-)

All duplicators used index-synced, PC drives modified for flippy disk writing in a single pass - exactly what we do now; it's just about 20,000 pounds cheaper these days ;)
So many copy-protections did rely on the fact that tracks could be perfectly aligned, which was not possible using a 1541 drive for CBM platforms, and the index signal was not available on a few other 8-bit disk platforms either.

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Re: Problems with various Softwahre

Post by Feltzkrone » Sun Apr 01, 2018 12:11 pm

Heureka and Langenscheidt both used track formats that include mixed densities and as such can unfortunately not be represented in G64 images. This is simply a limitation of the G64 file format and can not be fixed as easily as adding remastering information. Btw: As far as I remember the tracks also are not index aligned.
Bei den Heureka und Langenscheidt Titeln wurden Formate verwendet, bei denen auf derselben Spur verschiede Schreibdichten verwendet wurden. Diese lassen sich unglücklicherweise nicht in G64 Images abbilden, da dies das G64 Format nicht hergibt und sich das auch nicht ganz so einfach ändern lässt. Übrigens: Die Tracks sind, soweit ich mich erinnern kann, bei beiden Herstellern auch nicht am Index-Signal ausgerichtet.

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Re: Problems with various Softwahre

Post by Stefan_h » Mon Apr 02, 2018 7:12 pm

Hallo Feltzkrone habe auf ihr E-Mail Adr. geantwortet. hoffe ist angekommen

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