Updated C64 list?

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Updated C64 list?

Post by Steverd »

Is there any updated Commodore 64 list of games already dumped?
The last list I have is a year old now with 4688 games/lines.
I have a bunch of new games come in lately and want to see what I should dump!

Thank you

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Re: Updated C64 list?

Post by BarryB »

Just dump them anyway and submit them!

The more dumps they have the better to compare against other dumps! Plus, there maybe a dump that's different from the ones they already have like different protection, PAL or NTSC, budget or retail, different language etc!

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Re: Updated C64 list?

Post by IFW »

Well, what BarryB said is of course always true :)
Other than that, the focus is development right now: make sure to have a good framework of processing dumps, creating IPFs, comparable databases etc. Right now all of this is possible, but very, very time consuming (done by hand, excel tables etc.) which is not very sustainable even for C64 alone, not to mention all the other platforms being preserved. So we'd like to upgrade to a slightly more automated system.
There are blocking issues which are being resolved, and lots of new developments required too.

If there is an "emergency" (e.g. quickly checking a disk before sale/swap and so on), please leave a note with the dump, or better, PM or email me so I can take a look to see if the dump is correct.

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