Help dumping 5.25" disks

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Help dumping 5.25" disks

Post by lma808 »

Hello everyone,

I'm a novice user of Kryoflux and have just started trying to do 5.25" disks (have only been working with 3.5" before).

I have a Newtronics 5.25" drive that I purchased from the KF webstore. I've got it hooked up with my KF board, and everything seems to work fine: LEDs blinking correctly on the board, dtc -c2 gives me CM: maxtrack=83

But every time I try to image a disk, I get an error message: "read operation failed." This happened for all five disks I've attempted so seems more likely that I'm doing something wrong than all the disks are bad.

Is it possible I'm using the wrong profile? How do you know which one to select? I have no idea what OS the disks were used with. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Re: Help dumping 5.25" disks

Post by mr.vince »

It would make sense to sort this step by step...

I would check the power supply and the data cable. Does the disk spin when you try to read it?

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