Casio FZ1 / FZ10M Dumping

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Re: Casio FZ1 / FZ10M Dumping

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Ah, a clone of the preset,
I'll try.
Thank you mr.vince
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Re: Casio FZ1 / FZ10M Dumping

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So, how's it going?
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Re: Casio FZ1 / FZ10M Dumping

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I just found out today that the CASIO-FZ1-Format (80 tracks, 8 sectors with 1024 byte) is nothing but the usual 1232k format, which is very common in japan! So many cheap USB floppy drives support this! I just copied a disk on linux with dd....

Of cause the filesystem is a different beast, but it's easy to image, backup and write back whole disk images with standard gear!

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